I had the privelege of designing this
extraordinary definitive history of
Westport as written by Woody Klein
under the sponsorship of the Westport
Historical Society and published by
Greenwood Press. It came out on May 28,
2000, on the occasion of Westport's 165th
birthday. It can be purchased locally at
Barnes and Noble, the Westport Historical
Society or from Amazon.com
Below is the cover of the Project Return Birdhouse book which I designed,
in addition to photographing several of the artists, Paul Newman & Joann Woodward
among them. Click the image above to see more of the book on the PR website.
Birds by Hans Wilhelm
Below are some other book and CD covers I have designed.
Journey to Love
by Joanne Perica &
Dr. Linda Olson
Shades of Gypsy
by Shellee Mac
The ABC's of Hydration & Breathing by Patti Kondub
by Marcia Wright