Here are links to some of the websites I have designed.

First Matter
World renowned wizard, author and consultant, Watts Wacker has
improved the fortunes of dozens of Fortune 500 companies.

Transcend Business Solutions
Linda Rowan's business which delivers top IT talent for project work
and staff augmentation which enables our customers to achieve
their goals with the utmost efficiency.

Hans Wilhelm
Hans is one of the most successful, prolific and popular
childrens' book authors in the world!!

Richard C. Frank, M.D.
Author of "Fighting Cancer with Knowledge and Hope",
Dr. Frank is a well-respected oncologist and Director of Cancer
Research at the Whittingham Cancer Center in Norwalk, CT

Westport Mosaics
Lynn Duebendorfer is an amazing artist who uses mirrors
as her medium, and they all reflect her incredible talent.

Robert A. Levine, M.D.
Author of three books, including "Defying Dementia and
"Shock Therapy," Dr. Levine is a neurologist at Norwalk Hospital

Located in Norwalk, STAR, Inc. is a non-profit organization that
serves individuals of all ages with developmental disabilites.

Silk Alli
Allison Constantine creates beautiful hand-painted
Slik scarves, and you can buy them online.

The Patio Shoppe
ALocated on Route 7, the Patio Shoppe has the largest
selection of furniture and accessories in Faorfield County.

To Do Before I Do
Superb event planner Rita Smircich has written an immensely
useful book for aspiring newly weds, entitled "To Do Before I Do"
and this is the supporting website.

Pinnacle Health & Fitness
Pinnacle is a facility dedicated to achieving the highest
level of health and fitness for each and every client.

Nash Hyon
In her own words, Nash mixes concepts in science and medicine
transforming them into timeless, emotionally evocative works of art.h

Farewell Travels
Created by talented writer and traveler, Susan Farewell, this
website is an invaluable souce of information, for all your travel needs.

Westport Solar Consultants
Provides expertise and counsel in the design, project management,
and installation of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems

Faux Bone
Robert Dancik is an amazing artist, sculptor, jewelry maker,
teacher, friend and all around great guy.

Doug Wahlberg Band
What else can you say about the DWB. They rock!
Sensational musicianship and swirling engaging lyrics.

Merrow Corn Maze

Lucy Krupenye
Lucy works with bone, stone and rusted metal to create
very expressive and exquisite totems

Hip Hop for Kids
Liz Milwe is an award winning choreographer and film maker
and her website features her two new Hip Hop videos for kids

Christine Donner Kitchen Design
Christine Donner designs the kind of smart, attractive
kitchens you may never want to leave.

Luca Ristorante Italiano
Located in Wilton, Luca is one of the finest restaurants in the area.

Dennis Rowan Services
Dennis has been running this commercial and residential painting business
for the past 30 years and his quality and service are incomparable.

Nina Bentley
Nina is an amazing and prolific artist whose artwork can be
outrageous, dark, funny, poignant, but always brilliant.

Larry Merz
Larry is a talented and seasoned photographer who captures
architecture as well as he captures celebrites.

This wonderful organization and their dedicated staff provide
homes and opportunities for people with developmental disabilities.

Mary Ellen Hendricks
Mary Ellen is a good friend and a uniquely creative photographer
whose recent work involves gorgeous photos of flowers printed on glass

Cornell & McCarthy
Two great ladies who rep an incredible array of children's book illustrators

Roe Halper
Roe is a very prolific artist who works successfully in a varierty
of disciplines and media, including sculpture, paint and collage.

Pilates Studio of Fairfield
Illustrator Stephanie Peterson, from the above website,
is also an equally accomplished Pilates Instructor.

Katherine Ross
When she is not painting in watercolors and oils, she teaches
young children how to get in touch with their creative spirit.

Fun sites I didn't design (below) but worth a visit

Zoom Street
Oldest, best friend, DerekPell's latest foray into online publishing,
photography, and all things digital. He's a great writer amd photographer
who never met a pixel he didn't like, or want to pervert in some creative way.

David Jr.
Voted "Web Superstar" for 2007, "whose charmingly raw documentary-style shorts and off-the-cuff interviews ... got the blogosphere - and the entertainment industry - buzzing." He even interviewed me!!

Little Men Studios
Created by my brother Tracy, who creates and markets his own extensive
and versatile clip art collection as well as very original animation.

Randy Enos
Randy is a linoleum-cutting, storytelling, cartoonist and humorist
with an amazingly unique style unlike anybody else around.
His site is a must-see.

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