Below is a selection of various personal and professional projects I have
done over the years, including those for non-profit organzations in the area

Recent work
TIME Magazine covers
U.S. Postage Stamp
Galaxy of Stars
The Kids' Wall

"Portrait of Nina"
Plush red velvet
& rope
"Choices" This is an example of lenticular imagery which allows the image to change as you look at it from different angles
Click here for more lenticular imagery
Plexiglass torso display filled with colored yarn
"The Rose"
A lifesize
lenticular image
"Watching Him Go",
Car door, photography & acrylics
Plexiglass, dirt and baked Fimo clay hand
Click here for an animated example of a lenticular image called "The Egg"
Meant to convey the emotional suffering of the young girls who live at Project Return. This is one of several birdhouses I have done for their phenomenal annual Birdhouse Auction.

"The Girls"
This lenticular birdhouse is a
more upbeat and whimsical look
at the girls of Project Return,
portrayed by members
of the Staples Ski Team.

These are some more traditional portraits. Clockwise from top left is Rebecca Ross,
daughter of friends; my son Brady in his Astro Boy T-shirt; Deb Sylvestro sailing
on Long Island sound; Evi Allen (right) and her daughter Rebecca
I started out as an illustrator in 1972. My very first assignment was the "Prevent Drug Abuse" U.S. Postage Stamp (below). In 1974 I did several covers for TIME Magaine including the resignation covers for both Spiro Agnew and Richard Nixon, and a cover of Patty Hearst for a short-lived TIME competitor called New Times. The Spiro Agnew cover now resides in the Smithsonian Institution along with this football Easter Egg I did for Roanld Reagan's White House Easter Egg hunt in 1984.


Remember when U.S Postage stamps were only 8 cents? Neither do I, but I designed this one in 1974, using my girlfriend at the time as the drug addicted model. Her parents were thrilled.

This is called "Autobiography" and was one of 70 "cars" chosen for Stamford Downtown's "Art-O-Mobiles in Public Places" project which ran through the summer of 2001. Each artist was given a plain white fiberglass car to work with. Mine tells the story of Henry Ford's life and his development of the Model T and his contribution to American industry with the introduction of mass production.


Along the lines of the "Art-O-Mobiles" project, the STAR Cenrter in Norwalk celebrated it s 50th Anniversary with a "Galaxy of Stars" created by local artists. "Follow Your Star" above was at the Levitt Pavilion, and the star with with the composite of faces from Star clients and staff, now resides at STAR headquarters.

Located at the Longshore Pool, Westport, CT, this is the "Kids'Wall", a 6' x 44' long mosaic
mural conceived by Katherine Ross to honor & celebrate the creative spirit of Westport’s children.
It was designed & created by Westport’s 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th grade students, Katherine Ross & myself.
It was dedicated by First Selectperson Diane Farrell on May 28, 2000, on the occasion
of Westport's 165th birthday.
Click here for more about the Kids' Wall.
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