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Who are Miggs and Mark?


Miggs Burroughs – is a lifelong fine artist and designer based in Westport CT. His work in cutting-edge lenticular photography and illustration has been collected privately, and exhibited by institutions, galleries and museums. Miggs’s work has also graced the covers of national and international magazines including TIME and Business Week. At the age of 24 he was asked to design a U. S. Commemorative Postage Stamp and his creativity has been seen and appreciated internationally, on posters for the Red Cross and Save the Children to name a few.
Miggs is an artist of great humility, whose work can best be characterized as an exploration of the Human Condition.


Mark Yurkiw – is an artist, inventor, and visionary. Mark’s work is seen around the world in many forms and media. Trained as a scientist Mark sees art as communicating with the world best done with sculpture; “when you can wrap your hands around it, you can wrap your mind around it” i.e Fireflies, the world’s first solar powered Lighthouse created to teach children to do creative things with renewable energy, 7 giant fireflies solar powered to blink to ships and planes coming into N.Y. Harbor. i.e Huddled Statue of Liberty has encouraged people to donate 2 million winter coats for the homeless.

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